SMRTR Introduces New Content Management Services Solutions

Affordable, Easy-To-Use Solutions Designed To Optimize Business Processes and Save Money 

San Clemente, California – April 4, 2020 – SMRTR™, a Business Process Automation company, today announces SMRTR CaptureTM and SMRTR CMSTM, two new content management solutions built to streamline and transform the way companies do business. With an exceptionally user-friendly design SMRTR solutions capture and organize content based on what it is, not where it resides in the enterprise. SMRTR’s unique technology platform provides critical business applications with new capabilities to enhance productivity and deliver unmatched speed in your document search results.

According to Susanne Moore, Chief Executive Officer at SMRTR, “Keeping track and managing your business information doesn’t have to be difficult. SMRTR’s affordable Information Management solution allows you to capture, distribute, store, search, and retrieve any type of content, regardless of where it lives within the enterprise; folders on your network, cloud applications or any other content repository.” 

Access Any Content Regardless Of Where It Resides

At the core of these solutions is SMRTR CMS, an intelligent, affordable content management system that allows companies to digitally transform their organization making it easier than ever to deploy to a single department or the entire enterprise. The user-friendly interface and unprecedented search speed set this solution apart from the competition and enables users to be productive immediately. 

SMRTR CMS is built from the ground up, using the latest technology to intelligently manage structured and unstructured content and metadata for rich operational and business analytics. Organizations can send content anywhere, serve up documents within any application, retrieve and share files from any location across the enterprise. SMRTR CSM connects to existing network folders and systems, eliminating the need to migrate content to a central repository and provides Integrated Content Management for IBMi, Windows, Linux, Unix and in the Cloud. With SMRTR CMS, your organization can get a feature-rich solution, at an affordable price that is quick to install, simple to use and easy to maintain.  

Capture Made Easy

The second solution announced today is SMRTR Capture™. SMRTR Capture accelerates business processes by capturing all types of paper, forms and electronic documents of any size and type –– transforming them into actionable information to fuel core business applications, processes and workflows. Designed with the end-user in mind, SMRTR Capture is the easiest capture solution on the market to install, use and support. “Capture solutions have become a commodity product, but let’s face it, they are overly complicated and difficult to use – but also a necessity,” continues Moore. “We deliver an affordable solution that allows you to drag and drop or browse for a file and scan a document then add, delete, reorganize, index and validate before sending it to a backend repository or business application all in one single screen.” Our Capture solution is easy to integrate into a variety of processes and seamlessly supports a distributed workforce. When used in conjunction with SMRTR CMS, companies can intelligently manage and safeguard their business information.  

SMRTR solutions help companies streamline their operations by providing one place to easily and quickly access content regardless of where it lives. SMRTR extends business applications and transforms content into insights to help you make better decisions. In short, SMRTR solutions change the way businesses interact with information –– to speed processing and save money.

About SMRTR 

SMRTR™ (an S4i company) enables better decisions by connecting people, processes and information. We have more than 20 years experience collaborating with our 400+ customers across the globe to provide innovative solutions in content services. Our SMRTR solutions change the way people and businesses interact with information by providing content management services that capture, manage and safeguard information vital to the organization and produce analytics to provide better insight. Our process automation solutions create consistent, repeatable results enabling businesses to make better data-driven decisions. Simple to install, and easy to use and maintain, SMRTR solutions put the user at the center, making it easy to access information and documents across the enterprise based on what it is, regardless of where it resides. For more information, visit

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